How to Find Fundraising Jobs by Just doing Three Things



How to find fundraising jobs by just doing three things

If you want to look for new fundraising jobs for non profits in your area, there are three things you can do that can make your job search a little easier. These things do not take that long to do but, once done, will enhance your job chances quite markedly.


Sign up for online job boards -- There are a large number of job boards around that country that are targeted towards non profit jobs and these include fundraising jobs.


Find several online job boards that you like and register for each of them. Once registered, upload your most recent resume as well as a professional photograph. Once this information is in the site's database, that will then allow you to be discovered every time a would-be employer searches for candidates that may match job openings he has.


With enough employers searching the database, you should quickly get interview. Be sure to also check the job listings yourself, so that you do not miss the opportunity to apply for any interesting fundraising jobs.


Sign up with an executive search firm -- The next thing you want to do is to sign up with an executive search firm and let them know how serious you are about needing a new job.


Once registered, you will usually be assigned your own account executive who will then try to find you a new job. Contact him twice a week just to check in and to keep your name in front of him so he thinks about you every time a new job arrives on his desk.


Go to every interview -- When looking for fundraising jobs, you will often be offered interviews for jobs you may not like. Be sure to accept every interview as a job may be much more relevant than it sounds in a job ad.



Three Ways To Get Fundraisers On Your Side


Three Ways To Get Fundraisers On Your Side

Are you looking to get someone who has a passion for a fundraising event into your fold? Here are 3 ways to do it successfully.

"Studies suggest that fundraisers are more likely to help out those they know".

1) Tap into your social media blitzes. Is there someone who has a passion for something you are trying to raise funds for. Speak to them. Find out if and when they are willing to help. Have them send out a buzz on social media. Give them the chance to do the dirty work for you. Fundraisers who have this kind of passion are more than willing to do the grunt work for you. It is what they thrive on.

2) Speak to your donors. They are donating to you and your company for a reason. Give them the chance to spread the message. Tell them what you want and let them go.

Say some donor donates $1,000 in the beginning. Through their social media platforms, they can get others to jump on board. At the end of the day, the donations will surpass your original goal.

Will it happen all the time?

No. As long as you give them the wings to fly, it will happen more often than you think.

3) Get to the heart of why you are doing. People want to share their stories. They want to be able to speak about themselves. Give them the chance to do it. The more personal stories you have for your company, the more likely you will attract the business you need. This will also encourage more fundraising events in the future.

"Once people find the right cause, they tend to want to give more".

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