How to Find Good Non-Profit Jobs Easily and Quickly


When it comes to looking for non-profit jobs, if you do not have a lot of contacts in the field, it can take quite a while to do. Especially if you are looking for higher level non-profit jobs, or jobs that pay well. 

There are a few ways you can find good non-profit jobs, however, and they often require nothing more than a few hours of your time. 

Job boards -- Nowadays, there are some excellent non-profit job boards that have job listings from all over the country. That means it does not matter whether you are looking for a job in New York, Dallas or Denver, these job boards have listings for each city and for many types of jobs. 

Spend an hour or two looking for the non-profit job boards that cover the types of jobs you are looking for. Then upload your CV and a photo to each of them, and start applying for jobs you are interested in.

Executive recruiters -- If you are at the executive level, signing up with several executive recruiters that deal with the non-profit world could quickly net you a good job. 

These recruiters have connections with non-profits all over the country, often hear of jobs before anyone else or before they are listed on the open market, and can get you a job interview much easier than you can get one yourself. 

Just be sure to sign up with several recruiters as each one deals with different agencies and different jobs. 

Cold calling -- Remember, cold calling non-profits is also a good way of finding out about vacancies that have not yet been advertised.

Contact at least three non-profits every day, and you should be able to get several new interviews every week until you do get the job you want.